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2nd Grade

2018/19 Supply List

There will be a $45 supply fee for 2nd grade this year.  Please pay in the front office before July 31st.

Students will still need to bring a water bottle, lunch box, and backpack to school each day.


November 7

Students are pictured in classroom activities practicing sight word recognition.


October 5

Extreme Reading is continuing weekly with second graders hearing stories, learning new vocabulary words, memorizing scripture, reading books, and playing games to practice sight words.  Pictures show various activities from the last 2 weeks.

Recently students heard the books The Bugliest Bug  and Family Huddle.  They discovered the meaning of these vocabulary words:  billowed (filled with air and blown outward), gossamer (delicate or flimsy), arachnids (spiders or scorpions), bamboozled (puzzled or confused), parasol (umbrella), aroma (smell, scent, odor), talons (hooked claws), scolded (spoke harshly when finding fault), trivia (unimportant details), huddle (crowd together), zigzagging (repeatedly switching directions), sprinted (to run at top speed) and defense (resistance, protection).

Scripture verses have been:  “Make sure no one deceives you.”  I John 3:7 and

 “I will put my teaching into a story.”  Psalm 49:4           

September 21

Children are continuing their individual reading with Bryan students.  Today, board games were repurposed to require sight word recognition in order to advance in game play.


Second graders are learning about Africa.  They have each read several books and watched Animal Atlas about African animals.  They have completed a puzzle showing a map of Africa and surrounding oceans.  They also interviewed a college student who grew up in Africa.  


The book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs provided an example of a story within a story and a tall-tale.  Vocabulary words were prediction (forecast), drizzle (trickle, light rain, sprinkle), violent (fierce, vicious), stale (no longer fresh), and abandon (desert, discard).  

Today’s verse, “God is our refuge and strength.”  Psalm 46:1


September 14

Pictures show elementary education majors from Bryan College listening to students read.

Children heard the books Little Toot and Balto The Bravest Dog Ever and discovered the meaning of vocabulary words:  wharf (dock, pier), volley (stream), antics (tricks, clowning around), frivolous (playful, silly, childish), and verge (edge, about to).  Students compared and contrasted the 2 stories using the words fantasy, factual, fiction and true.      

Parents, ask your child how these books illustrated this week’s Bible verse, “Be strong and brave.” Joshua 1:6 


September 7  

Elementary education majors from Bryan College joined our Extreme Reading program this week.  They listened to students reading individually and encouraged and monitored second graders during sight word activities.

Children heard the books Fritz and the Beautiful Horses and The Ugly Caterpillar and discovered the meaning of these vocabulary words:  splendid (wonderful, fine), decreed (gave an official order), reluctantly (not eagerly, slowly) and dependable (trustworthy, responsible).  Parents, ask your child how these books illustrated this week’s Bible verse,“People judge others by what they look like, but God judges them by what is in their hearts.”  I Samuel 16:7

 August 31
This week in Extreme Reading, students heard the book Jerome Goes to Camp.  We discussed bullying and its opposite kindness.  Vocabulary words were:  sneered-made fun of or ridiculed; peering–looking very carefully; hovered–floated in the air without moving very far from the same spot.

The scripture verse for this week was Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another.” 

Pictures show students parking cars at sight word parking lots.


August 24
Students took a trip to the ocean this week in Extreme Reading.  They heard Sneakers, the Seaside Cat and Commotion in the Ocean and explored the meaning of the following vocabulary words:  commotion – disorder, fuss; delighted – happy, pleased; and scuttled – moved quickly with short steps, scurried.     

The scripture verse for this week was Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Pictures show a child reading aloud to an adult and others getting ready for a game of sight words beach ball.  Their extreme ability in identifying sight words resulted in a score 3 times greater than the expected tally so they enjoyed 3 times the planned reward (freezer pops).


August 17
Students began the Extreme Reading program on Wednesday of this week.  Weekly updates at this site will give you information about the activities, vocabulary words, scripture verses and pictures.  Please ask your 2nd grader weekly about the activities. 

Students heard Wild About Books and explored the meaning of the following vocabulary words:  conquer – defeat, overpower; niche – place, function or job; redundant – not needed, unnecessary and devour – eat greedily, to absorb completely.

The scripture verse for this week was Psalm 119:65 “The earth is filled with your love, Lord.”

Pictures show children reading aloud to adults and practicing identification of sight words as they play “Bang!”



     My name is Glenn Linebaugh and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher. Dayton is my home that I share with my beautiful wife, Pat. This year will mark my 37th year of teaching. It has been a lifelong career that I have enjoyed immensely. My post high school education started at the Practical Bible Training School in New York, where I graduated with a theology degree. Next, I graduated from Bryan College with a B.S. in Elementary Education. Soon after, I obtained my Master's degree in Elementary Education from Tennessee Tech. I also have an advanced teaching certificate from the Evangelical Teacher Training Association.

     I actually "retired" from teaching in the Cumberland County school system after 34 years of teaching. My grandsons attended RCA and loved it so much that it sparked my interest to begin teaching again. This year is my 3rd year of teaching at RCA. I thoroughly enjoy teaching your children.

     I do not check email often, but please come and see me if you would like to discuss something. You can also leave a message with the office and I would be happy to call you back.

Thank you for partnering with us in teaching your child.


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