In The Classroom

11th - 12th Grade

2020-2021 Supply List

School Supplies

RCA High School -- Fall 2020


General Guidelines

Please bring a water bottle to school every day.


High school students must have a laptop or access to a computer that has internet capabilities and a word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word, Pages, or Google Docs) and a presentation tool (e.g., PowerPoint or Google Slides).


High school students must have access to a laptop or tablet (no smaller than an iPad mini) to bring to school as needed for use in class for research and other teacher-designed purposes. Cell phones will not be allowed to be used as a calculator or research/study tool or for internet access in the classroom or on school grounds.


Realize that as supplies run out, students may need to purchase more throughout the school year. For example, if a student runs out of paper or her pens run out of ink, she will need to bring more paper or pens to school. 


Basic Supplies for 11th/12th

Academic Planner



Colored Pencils or Pens


Permanent Markers (e.g., Sharpies) 


Dry Erase Markers

Dividers for binders

One Pack of Folders

Four Packs of College-ruled, Loose-leaf Paper 

One Ream of Copier Paper

Three Boxes of Kleenex

One Container of Clorox Wipes 

One Pack of Forks or Spoons

One Pack of Magic Erasers



Algebra II

Graphing Calculator (e.g., TI-83 or TI-84)

Cell phones cannot be used as calculators

Graph Paper

One Three-subject Spiral Notebook

Ruler in centimeters and inches

2 Composition Notebooks (paper doesn't tear out)

Colored pencils or pens

Protractor (half circle with degrees)


One pocket folder

British Literature

Steady supply of LINED 5x8 index cards to last all year

1.5 inch binder

Dividers for binder

Colored pencils


Four 70-sheet notebooks

Colored pencils

Two glue sticks

Ruler with centimeters

One pack index cards

One pocket folder

Government & Economics

One three-ringed binder with a clear pocket on the front

One pack of paper


A Bible or the use of a Bible app on an electronic device.


Health - Composition Notebook



Four 70-sheet notebooks

Colored pencils

Two glue sticks

Ruler with centimeters

One pack index cards

One pocket folder


A Bible or the use of a Bible app on an electronic device.

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